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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Xmas Pin-ups

Here are the beginnings of Noel Night 2009. I'm selling prints (framed and bare), cards, pin-ups, and scarfs this year. It's on December 5, 2009 this year, and I'll be sharing the table with Renay Mclean again.

For the pin-up with three versions, I'm still deciding on whether to do it in full color, limited color, one color with shading, or just leaving it as a sketch. Need input on that. Also, the long prints are going to be all part of one set. I'll have them individually available and I'm think of doing one or two large prints with all of them available in one go.

There will definitely be more posts like this as the artwork progresses, and I'll upload purchasable versions in my Lulu and Cafepress stores.

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