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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Report on my Goings-on

Over the last couple months, things have been a roller coaster. I've swung on the employed/unemployed tree back-and-forth. Neat things happened, none-neat things happened.

I went to Chicago two weeks ago for the Comicon there. The trip didn't lead to any job findings like I was hoping. There were almost no companies at the con, and everything else there was pretty lame. The center must have had an air conditioning problem, it felt like 80 degrees throughout the entire building. Several times me and my friend had to stop, not for people, but to avoid the dizziness of heat stroke.

We went to a museum the next day, which made up for the crappy convention. I'll upload some of the photos later, we have over 1000 total, with several repeats. It's going to take time to sort things out.

Right after I got back, my used PSP arrived. This means I was finally able to play Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. After a week straight of playing the game, I finally got tired of it...well...not really...but I had to in order to start to get things done. Unfortunately, the seller had upgraded the firmware to it's current highest, which means no custom firmware for me on the PSP anytime soon.

I also got a flash cart for my DS, an R4, which lets me put Colors on it. Colors is a light painting and sketching program that uses the DS's touch screen. I'm thinking of using it as a portable sketching device, so I don't have to carry around a notebook or stack of paper. I wonder if it can take notes...?

Now, I'm going to get back to basics. Before the Chicago trip I was preping and preping and preping for it, which turned out to be a loss. Now I'm going to get back to uploading sketches, getting critiques, and rebuilding my social networking status.


The future uploads should include:
-Pictures of Chicago
-New Artwork
-Colors Sketches
-FFT random stuff
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