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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Thought on Dual Wielding

Barbarians, rogues, pirates, ninjas, rangers...all can dual wield weapons in one form or another. Usually barbarians go with large weapons, rogues with daggers, pirates with a variety of swords and guns, ninjas with swords and unique weapons like kamas, and rangers with swords.

Here's the thought. If you have the ability to dual wield stuff, what can you dual wield? Can you pick up a pair of footstools and swing 'em around, or does that require some sort of exotic weapon mastery? Does dual wielding count with throwing weapons? And, what's the limit on that?

I'm thinking that if you are strong enough, you can wield two chairs and use them as a ranged attack if necessary. Dim is the vision I've conjured of a character charging across the field of battle, designer furniture in hand, laying waste to hordes of imps, kobolds, and gnolls.

I wonder what title an epic level folding chair would have?