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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Greast and Least

I had a small realization when I was walking through my local Kroger. In the English language, we have the word "greater". This word generally means better than great, or more than normal by a whole bunch. We also have the word "lesser", which sits on the opposite side of the fence.

Now, when we need something to mean much better than "greater" we use "greatest". But, when we need something less than "lesser" we don't use "lessest". The word we use for two degrees less than normal, we use "least". Of course, we don't use "greast". I fairly certain its this way because "lessest" is tricky to say, and "greast" sounds too much like "greased". That's a fatty word, and makes people think too much of gaining weight, something that is a large (hehe) problem in this country. Clearly we don't want words that add calories of worry to our waist lines.

I should note this popped into my head after walking by the health food section. I don't know the correlation, but I'm gonna go play Wii Fit.