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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Avoid the Blue Crabs

So, I was playing Super Metroid today, and I was in Maridia jumping up to the cold-storage, baby Metroid area. I happened to hit a crab scurrying along a platform and I looked up at my health bar. I took 30 damage from a crab! There are bosses in Metroid Prime that don't deal 30 damage a hit. Crabs are really powerful!

That's when I got to thinking about other older Nintendo games. In The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, there are crabs, and they hit for insane amounts of damage. I then thought of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. In that game, enemy sprites are repeated a lot. Iron Knuckles have orange, red, and blue variants. Dread Hawks (these birdman enemies that jump around and throw zappers from their swords) come in two variants, red and blue. Even Bits (red blobs) and Bots (blue blobs) are sprite repeats.

Now, as you progress through the game, you start with the weakest variety of the enemies. Orange Iron Knuckles show up early, red show up mid game and stay until end game, and blue ones show up later. Across the game, the blue variant of monsters in Zelda 2 are the most difficult enemies in the game. Blue Iron Knuckles take many hits to kill, they throw zappers, they're fast, and they're even bosses. Blue Dread Hawks are one of the hardest things to kill. Bots jump around randomly and at a greater distance than Bits.

That got me thinking.

A blue crab would be the most deadly enemy you could ever face. A blue crab is harder than a red one, way harder than an orange one. I dare say that a blue crab would be a monster used by a madman to rule the world. Blue crabs would take a million hits to kill, they could destroy any opponent in one hit, and the only way to beat them, would be to flip them over with a POW block and attack their vulnerable underbelly. And, doing that would only bring their health bar down an 1/8.

If you see a blue crab, run.