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Friday, May 23, 2008

Sketchdump 1/3

So, it's been a while since I've posted art here. I'm buried under four children's books (two complete, still workin' on two), and two new projects of my own insane imaginings.

The first new project is a web comic. It can be found here: http://youcantundrawit.com.

It's title is You Drew It! You Can't Un-Draw It! It's about art, nerdiness, art school, uhhhh, and other stuff, that I'm sure will be mildly hilarious. Well, at least it will be chuckle-worthy. The first strip should appear on Monday (unless I get really, really lazy, then it will be a week from Monday). The release schedule is probably going to be every Monday and every Thrusday.

What I'm hoping to do with it in the future is get some more artists to contribute to it. I still don't know the details, but if anyone is interested, PM me in the forum on the site, email me, or IM me.

The other new project is going to explain where all these wacky elves come from. It's gonna be another web comic...probably released on the same site, in the near-ish future. But, I know even less about how I'm going to do that, at this current point in time. If anyone is interested though, keep your eyes open for an announcement.

So, on with the images. Some stuff of Beo and a new character who's a mermaid/elf hybrid.

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