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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Computer Broke!

My computer is broken, the power supply died some time in the night. So, I'll be unable to post new things for the next couple days, until the new power supply arrives.


DMBoyleDesign said...

Get your computer fixed already!

I'm bored!


James Piggott said...

You're bored?! How do you think I feel, I haven't direct connection to the internet in 3 days! Think of all the memes I've missed out on!

DMBoyleDesign said...

When do you get a new power supply?

Was it under warranty?

James Piggott said...

The old one was past the warrenty date...it was something like two years old, I had it in an older computer and just moved it into the new one last year. So, it's no surprise to me that it died, since it was a well worn computer part.

I bought the same exact power supply again, since the first one lasted so long.

I'll probably get it Monday (tomorrow)...but definitely by Tuesday. It's in Ohio right now...so I don't know if it will depart and make it to my house tomorrow, or just depart and be in Michigan tomorrow.

Spats said...


Good luck with getting your comp back up. The interbutts is a lonely place without you 8[

James Piggott said...

I am teh internets!

Well, it's back on now...gonna give the computer a day of ease before I start hammering it with full tilt Photoshop action.