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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Papercraft, a Hobby.

So, I've started doing a little papercraft on the side, a hobby I can do every now and then when video games and art get boring. I've only done the thing here and a Thwomp from Super Mario...which turned out terrible. This turned out better.

But, I have to say this before I show the pics. I DO NOT like Halo. Before I get hate mail, let me just say that the game (which I DID play) did not live up the hype. It's a 6/10, tops. My brother, however, is quite taken with the game, so I decided to make this for him as a cheapy gift. It's the dropship from the game a little off colored, but it's the dropship. I can't take pictures worth a crap, so I've only got a few views of the ship.

Comments welcome.
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This is the best one, IMO.


Spats said...

Nice work you!

James Piggott said...


I should note, I'm workin' on your Blog still...just gotta get other things done first.