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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Grand Night of Photoshopping.

Tonight, I'm gonna bury myself in Photoshop and listen to Pandora internet radio. I can't believe it's still going, I guess those "fees" haven't been called in yet.

Here we have a picture, B/W, took about 4 hours, which was mostly back-and-forth on her eyes. I have one with the background and crop, and one without to show her whole head.

A speed painting of a city on Mars. This is just a warm up, so it's nothing serious. I'm mainly posting it to show I did it...yeah, that made sense.

When I posted this on Flickr, the program cropped it like this. I like the crop, so I'm posting this as a second version.

I actually spent a little time in Sketcher the other day with Spats. We started into a co-op, but never got it finished. We're gonna have to do another sometimes soon.

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