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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tripods and such...

I have a War of the Worlds audio book, which I listen to a whole lot. Over the past week, I listened to it for, probably, the eighth time. It's always fun to draw while the book is going, it's great inspiration. So, here are some Martian related drawings, amongst the normal things.

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Anonymous said...

Noticed that the faces of your female characters seem to consistently have a few key features such as: button nose and large, full lips. Although it does pull off the effect of creating a beautiful female face, perhaps some portrait studies would help you to be able to deviate from drawing that same face over and over. This way you could convey to the audience different aspects of a character through their varying facial aspects: thin lips, long nose, hooked nose, large forehead, small forehead, cheeks, etc. Because your drawings on the human figure and their poses are great, so hopefully you can advance and make your facial skills better too!

James Piggott said...

Thanks anon!

I will strive to draw female faces differently. Female faces are a bit harder to draw than male faces, mainly because if you add too many lines the character's age can jump by a degree of magnitude or two.

Thanks the post, feel free to swing by again.