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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sketches from the week-or-so

A couple sketches from the time since I last posted. Some notes on them. The one with Cori losing her arm, is an ok drawing. I'm posting it for her facial expression more than anything. I think I nailed it in this one.

Got a new female barbarian I'm working on, did a normal sketch for her and threw her in a combat scene. A quickie sketch I was gonna use as a new avatar, but it looks like total crap small.

And, lastly, something I don't normally do, but when I saw the drawing by ebas done at the San Diego Comicon last year (I think last year), and I couldn't help myself. You can find the original which I based this drawing off of, if you look around the net enough.

Also, I finally took a plunge today.
That's right! A deviantART account. Something I never thought I'd do, but I decided to make one, since lots of eyes watch those things and more exposure never hurts.

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