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Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, to be accurate...Rick Dom IIs. Though, I don't know why a space mobile suit would be in a sandy/dusty area. It's kind of a piece of fanart, which I'm not fond of doing, but I couldn't think of anything and drew a robot with one eye...so I looked up some details for Doms, and this is the result. The time on this one is about 140 minutes, which is Daredevil plus a half hour. Now you may be wondering why I was watching such a horrible movie...well, Mike Nelson and crew are doing mock DVD commentaries, of which, Daredevil is a movie they've made one for.

Couple things that need fixing in retrospect, but its alright for now.
Comments welcome, thanks for viewing!


designboot said...

Very nice painting!
I like it a lot!