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Monday, February 12, 2007


Today, I went into one of the previous S.P.s and redid some stuff. I didn't like the iron work outside the window...I wanted to change it, but I couldn't think of anything that could be done in a hurry. Oh well, I'll lay that one to rest.

Also, another tripod, quick and dirty.

The times for all these follow. I've based them off of whatever music/book/radi0 program that I was listening too at the time.

-B/W room: ~1 hour 30~
-Girl on the red landscape: Just under two hours.
-Landscape with blue glowing tower thingys: Exactly 47 minutes and 18 seconds. The time Winamp lists Ride the Lighting as.
-Beo in that room: About 1 hour 30 of solid painting and 3 hours of back-and-forth...thoroughly defeating the concept of a speed painting.
-The most recent Tripod: 51 minutes, 17 seconds. About the time of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. There was some on-and-off, though, as I was multitasking two or three extra things.

Some thoughts.
I like speed painting like this. Even though it's really unrefined. I can get some cool and interesting ideas done very quickly without much thought or pressure. I'm gonna do it more, while still keeping my traditional sketching going. Hopefully with more practice I will be able to get more hits than misses. The three I posted yesterday, were from a set of five, that I did over an eight hour period. I just need to do them now.

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