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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Quick Painting for Today

This was about 45 minutes of work. I based it off of two images. The first being an APOD, featuring comet McNaught. It can be found here. And the second is for the comet in the later two images, from the new magic card, Shiven Meteor. Which can be viewed here, and if the direct link does not work, here is the full page, you can search/find down. Besides I'm sure you can do a normal web search for it.

I personally like the second one the most. It's got a more interesting comet and has a more dynamic story to it. The first one is nice, probably the most realistic, but fairly boring. Number three is too busy, if I had more room, like on the card, I think it would've been more successful.

Oh yeah, the minigame was to use the Smudge Tool...I did it better this time around, but it's still a little fuzzy. The second minigame, was to use some reference.

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