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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Arm Tut

I did a simple tutorial at PhotoshopTechniques.com to show someone how I made the portal on the arm.

Here's what I wrote in the two posts in the forum:
Thanks AquaBrush!

The portal is pretty simple actually. I'll show my process to get to in these pics.

I usually work out of a neutral gray. So in the first image I have my pencil (or in this case, ball point pen) with its Layer Blending Mode set to Multiply above the gray Layer.

Next I do a simple grayscale painting, which I don't have a pic of, but I use two more layers. One is set to Color Dodge and the other is set to Multiply, I use the gray of the background, get a rough grayscale, then use black and white to pluck out a couple highlights and highdarks. I think I actually threw these two layers away because of the way the portal light worked. But for almost all of my paintings, this is the process I start with so it's worth mentioning.

Next I create a layer filled with black, and I masked out the arm so I can still see what's going on with it.

The portal is basically me painting in a rough ellipse around the bicep. I have the brush set to Color Dodge on an empty layer above the black layer. Color Dodge is sorta like the Dodge Tool, but with color instead of just brightening whatever it touches. It's great for painting light. I took many attempts to get the ellipse correct and a fairly good shape and swirl, making it look portal-ly.

I then added the squiggles coming out it it with the same brush, just a lower size.

The green was done with a custom brush that creates a sorta realish paint brush effect. The yellow was a normal Photoshop brush, with the Hardness set all the way down, and set to Color Dodge. I made it much larger than the area you see, so the fuzziness could be laid down with a very light stroke. I then made it smaller and smaller with each tap.

I then moved on to coloring the arm in. Which was a simple black and white job.

Next, I painted with my painty brush. I had yellow, set to Color Dodge. And I believe, purple set to Multiply. And then it was just painting with light on the armor.

The hand had 10 layers of painting and stuff.
The full figure had 16 layers of painting and stuff.

Here's a larger version so you can see all the little details and brush strokes.

Hope that gives you a good idea of how I did it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here are the images I used:

Comments welcome, thanks for viewing.

Images © 2006 James Piggott