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Monday, October 30, 2006

Today's Armor: Fire

I think I'm going to attempt a new power armor painting a day. Try to get various types and compositions and scenes.

So the order goes some thing like.
- 01 - Voodoo Armor (Tribal Armor)
- 02 - Aqua Armor
- 03 - Gravity Armor (Failed, will revisit)
- 04 - Fire Armor

So, number 04 is attached to this post. The only problem that may occur during this project, is I may fall into a rut with drawing the armors, where I don't advance at all from piece to piece. So I will try to vary them enough to make each one different, design wise, and setting wise. So that I try and draw new things (like lava for this one). They will also be speed paintings, I will try to get the idea across as quickly as possible, as clean and readable as I can. An astute student of the video game equipment universe will probably be able to guess what comes after Fire Armor.

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