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Friday, October 27, 2006

Power Armor, a daily deal?

I've got a big update tonight. I've spent that last two nights I've been alternating between painting and applying like a madman to art jobs.

First off, because one of them wanted to see a little life drawing, I had to go through my old school stuff to get a couple pictures. These were the only two I could find. I couldn't find the stuff. That worries me. Either my memory is going farther down the hole of eternity, or they were thrown away.

I'm posting these first to get them outta the way.

Next is my fire mage in some weird helmet and armor.

Next is that Moon Landscape thingy. I finished it. Well, finished it as much as I am going to do.

Next is Wolf punching some power armor.

Now for lots o' power armor. There is some simple armor, I colored the tribal armor, I also created Aqua/Underwater/Amphibian armor, and some bone-based armor. I think this is gonna be a daily thing for me. Like when someone says "a painting a day in oils", but I don't know how valuable it would be in my artistic expansion and skill development. But, if I decided to do it, consider these two colored ones for today and tomorrow.

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