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Sunday, October 29, 2006


In drawing armor based around the concept of defying gravity, I have failed. At least in my own eyes I did. Like a physicist looking for the holy grail of an anti-gravity engine, I could not find anything I liked about this design.

Though the drawings themselves are not bad, they just did not meet with what I wanted. I started with silhouettes to get a basic design down, then moved on to drawing with a very, very light blue marker, then I would ballpoint the rest.

The armor creates its own gravity, like a massive thing, it just creates a well for itself in the structure of space-time. The armor would allow its user to hover, float, and fly using the divot created in space-time as a sort of hand-hold. The armor could also float objects around it, created a weapon out of anything loose around the armor's wearer. The last power would be ripping holes in space-time creating miniature blackholes causing pain and/or damage and/or death to whoever/whatever would touch it. Think a Sphere of Ultimate Destruction, with a pulling effect. The only problem with this final power, is it would totally and completely drain the power from the armor, so it is a one-time shot.

All-in-all, the armor would be way more useful than the Gravity Suit Samus obtains.

Take that Samus, teh burnination!!!!111

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