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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Drawing While Colded

Here's some new stuff. I've been stuck with a fairly debilitating cold right now, so it's hard for me to drawn. A whole lotta stuff has been crinkled up and thrown away.

So here we have Autolycus and his insane resistence to fire.

Me and my brother were watching a speed run of the NES game, Astyanax. And the runner kills a boss almost totally with the back swing of his sword. We also play Super Smash Bros. a lot, I play Link (surprise, surprise), and I kill him with the back swing of Link's sword. So that's the inspiration for Beo killin' something with a backswing.

Lastly, we have some random sketches. the Imp of the Perverse on Beo's shoulder, a couple goof off weapons, and some lesbians :D. The goof off weapons are a squirt gun (well pair of squirt guns) and a magic wand that works like an Iaido Sword.

Comments welcome, thanks for viewing...I'm gonna go get some OJ and play some video games...it's a sick day!

Images © 2006 James Piggott