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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Storyboard Samples

I did these as samples for my website, to show what my storyboards look like. They were done very quickly today. All twelve frames were done in probably 4 hours, 5 tops. Here, they're with two frames per image and they go in order from top to bottom.

I created the storyline myself as well. Which I have here, copied directly from the text document, with an itendifier added to show which frame is what:

A man's car stalls by the side of the road. (Frame 1)

In the car, he curses and then is suddenly blinded by a bright light. (Frames 2 and 3)

He looks out his window and sees an garish and sterotypical space ship hovering above the road with a cone of light coming out of it down to the ground. A pair of small bodied, large headed figures are in the light. (Frames 4 and 5)

There is a sharp fade to white as he is blinded. (Frame 6)

When we fade back in, he is left standing on in the middle of the road looking up at the at the ship with two aliens waving 'goodbye' to him. (Frames 7 and 8)

He looks in his hand and finds a box of oinment in his hand. (Frames 9 and 10)

We leave, with him looking up at the now flying away spaceship, he sctraches the seat of his pants. (Frame 11)

The product shot at the end is Frame 12, which is where the product with a tagline would be. I was thinking something like "Recommended by 4 out of 5 Alien Scientists". And yes, that's a parody of PreparationH. Anticipation is a Synonym of preparation.


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