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Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Quickies

Let's see what we have here today! First is Beo with a flag. Don't know where the idea came, just kinda happened.

I was listening to 1984 on tape last night, so the phrase "We are the Dead" made it on the flag, but that was a bit too serious for me, and I didn't want to turn the phrase into a joke. So I took my new favorite phrase "I Can't Wait to Bomb some Dodongos" from a Zelda cdi game. If you know the phrase...you're a nerd, you can't deny it.

Beo has some tatoos around his upper arms/thighs and wrists/ankles that keep his lycanthropy in check.

The last picture is of a Technomancer. It's a job I'm making only for my elves. They us summoned "Bots", Infusing spells, and Crafted Magical Technica. They also worship the goddess of nerds, Athena. And that's a more obscure reference. If you can identify it, then you are an uber nerd! Also you get bonus points for finding the reference.

Images © 2006 James Piggott