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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blasting Away the Slump of the Weekend Like a Lunatic with a Shoulder Mounted Flamethrower and Two Pump Shotguns.

I was feeling depressed this weekend. I didn't really draw anything. So last night, I said, "I'm going to draw until I fall asleep."

And that's what I did. I drew, for probably five hours straight last night before bed. These are the results. Except for the drawing that was inspired by this blog post title. I drew that, right before scanning and uploading everything here. The human druids were the only thing from this weekend I kept.

There is a line-up from Beonarri's sub-race. They aren't officially called "dark elves" that's just a holding phrase so I can find them easily. Beo's "job" is called the Hex Knight. Based loosely off the HexBlade from DnD, he uses sword skills, magic, and hexing/cursing. The librarian I've drawn and explained before. The Sage (another tenative name) uses voodoo-ish magic and can augment his/her physical abilities. The Tehcnomancer is the same as the other one I drew, just with different looking bots.

One of the libarian and Beo wearing formal attire.

The story of the Heavy Metal Sword with quickie sketch of the battle. It's based around Beowulf with a hint of Arthurian legend.

A "devil dog" monster. A punt, small, scrappy dog-like monster with raptor-ish, toe-nails.

An eye monster, that is nothing like the Beholder from DnD.

Lastly, a couple human druids. Based, roughly, off of scottish clothing. The male is really stiff, and the bear isn't drawn 100% correct. Oh well.

Now, I don't know the practicality of weilding two pump-shotguns and a shoulder mounted flamethrower, but it sure is badass! I normally avoid drawing guns, but for some reason, probably the absurdity of the situation, I enjoyed it this time.

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