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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Beonarri's Weapons v4.0

Here are the final designs for Beonarri's weapons. Also the rejected designs and drawings.

In the final drawing (white background), there are:
-Guardian (The Bruce) - His main sword. I found a picture in an old Museum Replicas Limited Catalog, of this sword. I liked it for some reason, and it became his main sword, and has been for a while. The real sword was based off of a statue in Scotland, where Robert the Bruce holds this sword. There are actually two statues, one of William Wallace and one of Robert the Bruce, acting a stone guardians to where they are, a castle I think. So the sword was title, "The Guardian".

-Guardian (Hoplite) - Based of a Greek sword, slightly longer though. This is the "second player" sword. The alternate, runner-up, spare, back-up, auxillary weapon.

-Gladius - A Roman foot soldier's sword. Its short and made for stabbing, usually (almost always) from behind a shield. Because of its length, it requires Beo to get closer than his standard sword, but it has a much stronger thrust/stab than his regular sword.

-Falcata - A Greek sword used for slashing. Actually, the sword has spread throughout most of Soutern Europe, Middle East, Greek Islands, possibly even Nortern Eygpt. It is used for slashing, and does that very well. Like the Gladius it is shorter than his standard sword, so he must get closer. It, however, slashes much easier.

-The Bastard Sword - A long, hand-and-a-half sword, whose design I got from an Italian version of the sword. It has, roughly the same abilities of his normal sword, but it is longer, so he can play with range better. However, this sword is not as well balanced as his regular sword, so he has a harder time controlling it.

-The Rune Sword - A sword that just popped into my head one night. The blade is similar to Sol Badguy's from Guilty Gear (one of my favorite games). The sword strikes with a magical force, but it is shorter than his main sword. It also lacks a definitive stabbing ability. This sword acts more like an axe with a long edge, rather than a true sword. The design of the runes is random, but there is a symbol for Taurus (my birthsign) and a emoticon face that looks like this: :|

-The Heavy Metal Sword - Beonarri's "ultimate" sword. It has magical properties which allow it to actually deal damage while striking, since a really rusted sword would never, ever work. It's longer than his standard sword and is very powerful. The story of how it became the way it is will resemble the story of Beowulf vs. Grendal and Grendal's mother. This would be the sword after it was used on the acidic-blooded monsters.

-Meat (Cross-hatched Ham) - His "goof-off" weapon. I do enjoy pork, its my favorite food, so I decided to use this as the joke weapon. It makes a squishy sound when it hits, like meat being dropped off of a very, very high place. It has virtually no range and a terrible attack power, but that is why it's a joke weapon and not a serious weapon.

In the reject drawing (grey background) there are a whole bunch of versions of the various final weapons and a couple more that didn't quite make the cut.
There is a magic wand, which would have had a healing ability attached to it, but its attack power would have been far lower.

The goof-off weapons, Trout, Inflatable Sword, and Wooden Sword. In reality, don't like fish, so no Trout, the Inflatable Sword looked like a weird, four-pronged sex toy, and the Wooden Sword is just to cliche and obvious...even for me.

There's an earlier flat topped sword, H.M. Sword, a couple weird double-bladed swords that were supposed to be magical in some way. A Spatha, some Gladiuses, early-Hoplite sword, a really long, leafed shaped Hoplite sword, a Bastard sword variant, and a spike-ish wide-at-the-bottom-of-the-blade short sword.


Thanks for reading that and looking at my art!!

Images © 2006 James Piggott