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Thursday, August 24, 2006


This is the character which I use as my internet name. He is also my avatar of a sorts. Although on the internet (unlike, say, the Metaverse in SnowCrash) you cannot see the other person, but if you could, I would probably go with this.

I've had this character since the 10th grade and have just been upgrading him over the years. He follows some of my favorite character traits, belts, swords, long hair, big boots, baggy pants, etc. I'll follow this drawing up with a young version, his swords collection, items, spells, abilities, and so on.

This particular costume is a slight upgrade to the one I created in my senior year in college. I added the belts, and switched the details of his armor. The ridges are gone and a simple version of the "circuit" design is there instead.

This was a fairly easy thing to paint. Since he follows the hero-in-black architype, his clothing has very little light on it. In a previous post where I put up the pencil for this, you can see I planned out the folds in his clothing and the shapes of the black areas. This only tricky part was the sheath, which ended up looking bent just before I finished. So that was a pain to change.

There are detail drawings of him on my website, and in earlier posts of this blog.

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