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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The New Computer and My Thankyou Card

No updates in a while. I recently built a new computer which occupied my time for almost a whole week. Most of it was figuring out why the motherboard wasn't working and why Windows XP wouldn't install.

Here's the thankyou card I am sending people who gave me money for my recent graduate from CCS.
And for anyone interested here is my computer setup, with links to where I bought it and pictures of the case.
- Thermaltake Soprano Black Chasis (Link to NewEgg Product Page)
-ASUS P5LD2 Motherboard - Intel 945P Chipset
-Intel Pentium D 930 Presler
-Corsair XMS2 1 Gig of RAM (would have been two, but one stick was faulty)
-ASUS GeForce 6600 Video Card
-Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 Sound Card
-Microsoft Home SP2 OS
-BenQ DVD-RW Drive
-CD-RW Drive
-Sony Floppy Drive
-Three PATA Harddrives: Seagate 400 Gig, Western Digital 120 Gig, and Seagate 80 Gig

All of the parts (except the Mobo) are great. I also highly suggest NewEgg. They were quick and great.

As for my inspiration for the card. I just read through "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" graphic novels, and although the second volume is shaky when it comes to the story, the art is pretty good. In the back of the books, there are some "olde timey" looking mock ads, which gave me the idea for some sort of old and worn looking thank you card. My aformentioned computer was the other inspiration.

I created the whole image from scratch in Photoshop, picked the type, and ran with it. I used some custom brushes to get the worn sploches and a trick with the "Lighting Effects" filter to get the scratches. The background started as a flat brown fill, which I ran through a "Noise" filter, "Grain" filter, and added some layer effects. After I got the basic stuff down it was all a matter of tweaking some color, some careful erasing, and painting.

Soon I will offer these up at Cafepress as thank you card sets, since I know someone out there will find a use for them.

Thanks for viewing.

Image © 2006 James Piggott