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Friday, December 03, 2010

Main Site Under Construction

Big change coming soon, more news later.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Been a while...

...but I've got a new project to work on. I'm really going to force myself to do the comic I've always wanted, so here are the posts I just made on tumblr, in one giant post here.

I’ve mentioned that I’m making a comic, and possibly a rpg related to that world, but I’ve kinda got to force myself to actually do it now. I have a lot of pent up creativity as most of my day is caught up by work, so it should actually be easier to make it now that I don’t have as much free time. It sounds counter intuitive, but well, there it is.

I’ve decided to introduce the world and its concepts by having a “meet the cast” wave of posting, where I post artwork/sketches and describe the characters’ backgrounds, classes, abilities, etc. I’ll post something once a week, or more if people like what’s posted.

For the record, the project is currently titled “Fantasy Punk”, which I’m fairly certain hasn’t been used yet, but can always be changed later.

So, let’s jump into it…

This is Beonarri. I’ve posted him a whole lot over the blog/tumblog career I’ve had. Here’s his official introduction on the tumblog.

Beonarri is a Technomancer. A Technomancer is a type of mage that is only available to Elves, they focus on supporting allies while undermining enemies with status and control. Technomancers have three areas of focus; gathering information, combing items with magic, and using magic to “hack” reality. The “hacking” of reality isn’t what I’m going to call it in the book, I’ll probably make it more vague so it can be bent a bit for story’s sake.

Beonarri’s occupation is as a freelancer. He does odd jobs around the city based on his expertise, but he also has a couple other people working for/with him to shore up the skills he doesn’t really have (i.e., melee combat or stealth).

The artwork above are a couple of his costumes. The “warlock” costume, a “spring/summer” costume, and his standard coat with the side plating. Each of these coats has an extradimensional property like a bag of holding, so the pockets can hold lots of stuff, which is a pretty common Technomancer trick in the “combing items and magic” category.

Facial expressions; confidence, laughter, rage, WTFing.

Poses, including one with his love interest, who I’ll introduce later. I doubt he’ll carry around staves or wands or things like that, but it works here.

Last one for now, some misc stuff. The staves, rods, and wands here are to show a Technomancer’s styled items, again, I don’t think they’d appear as actual spell casting tools in the comic. His character is almost entirely Intelligence-based, so knowledges, study, meditation, and other mental exercises are a key focus for him. It also means he’s a super problem solver. If he knew what Star Trek was, he’d definitely prefer Picard to Kirk.

To prove he’s not some sort of Mary-sue, he’s not that good in melee combat (I’ve taken away the sword fighting he used to have, so he’s not great at everything), he’s can’t really stealth or sneak, he can do some Charisma-based things, but they’re a secondary element to his character, and so he can actually land his spells, he has a bit of Agility, but he is by no means the fastest character. His primary weakness is his lack of physical strength, which come up as either a plot device or for comedic value.

I forgot to mention style notes for his costumes. He mostly wears long coats made of a leather that elves are really good at producing, it’s their primary export. Elves also have slow growing hair, so long hair is common amongst all of them. His “theme”, I guess you could call it, is of a “heavy metal magician”, so the hair and leather robes/coats are made to fit that concept.

Speaking of which, if metal existed on his world, he’d totally listen to it. His theme song would most likely be “The Magician” by Bruce Dickenson.

Next time, I’ve got four characters I could do: the beauty, the ex-thief, the ex-soldier, or the villain. If anyone has a preference, drop a line in my ask hole, otherwise I’ll decide.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Print Available!

Also, available: http://www.redbubble.com/people/beonarri/art/5637347-1-wolf-profile-3-b

Print Available!

Now available at Red Bubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/beonarri/art/5637358-1-wolf-profile-3-a

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Red Bubble

It looks like Lulu removed the buy framed artwork/prints options, so I'll have to switch to another service to offering prints, and here it is: